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Stevie Wonder is Coming to Toronto!

Hey guys,

Quick post for you today. I've got a bunch of stuff to do today but I wanted to let you know that Stevie Wonder is coming to the ACC on 25th of November. I know that doesn't leave much time so I wanted to get the word out now. If you love great, well delivered music with a ton of class, Stevie is your guy!

Visit the ACC website for more info. Check out this video and I will see you there.


Peace out.
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Getting to Downtown Toronto Music Scene From the Airport

Lately I've been noticing just how tough it is to get around downtown with all the construction that’s been going happening on the Gardiner expressway so I thought I’d put a little guide together for tourists who are visiting the city and wanting to check out some of the great live music that I mentioned in my previous post.


front door at the horseshoe tavern Toronto


So no matter what I recommend starting with the Rivoli or Horseshoe tavern. Both places are a fantastic experience and really showcase the new music scene here in Toronto. In fact, the Rivoli actually had a specific night called “New Music Night” specifically dedicated to new bands who don’t ever really get to play these types of venues due to the fact that they can’t yet draw out enough fans.

This is actually a great opportunity for the viewer because each set is only 30 minutes which means that even if you don’t like the band that’s playing, you’ll be getting a fresh dose of something new within less than an hour.

I’ve personally found that most of the bands that play this type of event are good and have rarely seen a band I didn’t enjoy to at least some degree even if it wasn’t my style.

But back to the topic of getting there

From the airport, you’ll want to grab a reliable Toronto airport limo through Capitol Limousines. I’ve included their link there for your convenience.

Once you get into the limo, ask them to drive you down town to the hotel of your choosing. I personally would recommend either the Hilton Garden Inn on Peter Street or the Super 8 on Spadina if you’re on a budget.

Once You’ve Dropped off Your Things

Now it’s time to head out to Queen street and find yourself some quality live music. During dinner hours you won’t really find much going on but come 930PM the city seems to light up as far as live music goes.

I know that the Horseshoe typically starts their show at 930 so I’d recommend that you start there and then you can make your way down Queen street to the Rivoli for more original music and if you’re feeling like covers, head over to the Beer Market on King (not far, about 3 blocks) for some incredibly well put together cover/tribute music.

Seriously, the cover music in this city is TOP notch along with the original music just based on the sheer number of musicians here. And Quality ones at that!

Provided its reasonable weather and not the middle of January, you’ll probably feel comfortable walking all of these places. Just make sure to bring some comfortable walking shoes and enjoy a few craft beers along the way.

Till next time!
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Toronto Hot Spots for Music and a Great Local Act

One of the things I love to do to make sure that I'm on top of the music scene here in Toronto is to hangout where great music is played.

This might sound like it could be a bit of a challenge but it really isn't. If you head up Spadina from the Gardener to Queen and hang a right, on the left side of the street you will find two legendary places to take in some amazing tunes from great local Toronto bands, ANY night of the week.
What are these places you ask? Well none other than Toronto’s very own Horseshoe Tavern and The Rivoli.
Both places are absolutely legendary and loaded with talent. I find it somewhat odd that they are actually located within 100 meters of each other but I guess that’s a testament to the quality  of this area of Toronto.  It’s thriving, full of life and has about a half dozen quality options to explore musically within a 1KM radius.
From the Beer Market on King to the Hard Rock Café at Dundas square, it won’t be hard to find a talented and entertaining act to take in for the evening.
The next time your down town (or visiting the city) I would specifically recommend checking out the Horseshoe Tavern on a weeknight (Tuesday to Thursday) to catch the lesser known but incredibly entertaining indie scene that Toronto has to offer.
I was lucky enough to catch an act called Sound as People back in September and was really impressed at what they had to offer. What intrigued me about them was that they not that they were to most technical of bands but that they played a diversity of different styles and all with a sort of intense enthusiasm that I wasn’t really used to seeing.
They played a show of about 7 or 8 songs as far as I can remember and their bass player literally switched from using a pick, to finger picking to full out slapping which is something that relatively uncommon in today's modern indie scene.
I always appreciate it when a band will take a different angle or isn’t afraid to step outside of the rigid box that indie music has become today so I really just took to what they were putting out on stage. The rest of the band was tight, the singer was solid, very clear lead guitar etc. I think the band has a bit of work to do in order to get heard by a larger audience but I’m excited to see what happens.

You can check out more of their music here on their youtube channel.
So long story short, get out there and enjoy the music, enjoy the up and coming bands that Toronto has to offer this week.

Stay Classy Toronto!

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Welcome to the Bino Blog!

Welcome to the Its The Bino Blog! I'm so happy to have you here!

This is going to be a lot of fun. Being a musician and from Toronto, I've got a lot to share with you. My name is Robert Bino if you didn't already know. But Please feel free to call me "Bino". It's been my nickname since I was a small boy and certainly has followed me in my Toronto music career.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts and the latest and greatest about Toronto tourism, Toronto music and valuable resources that you can use while in the city.

Time to rock out, share stories and of course, slappa da bass!shot of bino's hands on neck of bass